Maserati Alfieri

It´s August and 2017 is coming closer and closer everyday! Now it is the time to look forwards, there are quite a few highly anticipated cars to be released next year… One of them definitely is the Maserati Alfieri!

Some of you guys may remember that Maserati introduced the Alfieri as a Concept Car at the 2014 Geneva Auto Show. Now this concept is becoming more then that! To be honest it´s time for Maserati to show off some new designs and model ranges, after they dropped the Levante this year and the iconic Quattroporte got a new look the italian sports-car company needs a new statement car.

We all know and love the classic GranTurismo, well especially the GranTurismo MC Stradale! ;) But a brother who can run the industry and beat some Porsche or Ferrari would be a nice gain..!

I´m really excited about the Alfieri. Sad truth is that I haven´t seen it in real life yet. At the last IAA in 2015 the Levante and Ghibli were the highlights. In the clip from 2014 you can see the Alfieri in motion. I really like the front of the car but to be honest with you guys I am not that sure about the back… To me it´s like a Zagato design – it´s kinda perfect, something is wrong but you don´t really know what it is…

But maybe that´s what makes the design so special. We´ll see!

Alfieri Maserati is the eponym for this model. Alfieri died when he was 44 and some people say that his early death robbed him the chance to be firmer remembered among the industry. Maserati chose this concept car to honour and celebrate Maserati’s centennial in style. The Alfieri will have the current chassis of Maserati but they will be modified, the tweaks will include more aluminium to make the two seated sports coupe even lighter. Maserati will use the latest turbocharged V6, the concept car in Geneva had a 4.7 V8 with 460 horsepower. The power will go to the rear wheels cause Maserati doesn´t think that an all-wheel drive is right for the Alfieri.

© Maserati S.p.A.

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